My Dream To Fly

This book is the story of my dream to fly. It is not a manual on how to learn to fly, it is about my journey of realising a dream. It shares the highs and lows, both mentally and physically of obtaining my Private Pilot's Licence.

"Stuart's persistence in the pursuit of his dream

is an inspiring reminder to us all that life is full

of possibilities. This honest and inspirational

story will get you dreaming and moving towards

your goals. Be prepared to be inspired!"

Cathy Madevan - International Speaker

Then halfway through my lesson it happened, he told me to look out of my window below us, and there it was flying underneath us. It was beautiful, I was finally smiling and very thankful to be there at that moment and that time. Later in the evening I updated my Facebook page with the following statement - “Today while climbing to 3000ft over Brighton beach a Spitfire flew underneath me along the coastline.”